High-Density Polyurethane Applications

polyurethane applications st. louis moHigh-density polyurethane is a versatile material that can be used for concrete lifting, stabilization, and void filling applications. Once injected underneath the slab, it fills in voids and raises the slab to its desired level. Due to poor soil conditions and expansion, concrete slabs may sink and crack. If you have a sunken concrete slab, usually the slab is in good condition. The expanding foam will seal the bottom of the slab, lift it, compress loose soil, and fill in the voids underneath the concrete.

However, the soil underneath the slab is probably loose or weak. With polyjacking, a polyurethane foam designed to stabilize weak or loose soil to prevent further settlement is injected under the slab. It also seals cracks and joints underneath the slab. The installation process requires no demolition or excavation, and the job is completed within minutes. Mudjacking can take several days to cure and be usable.

One of the best advantages of polyurethane is that it is a cheaper alternative to concrete replacement. It can cost 70% less than breaking up, removing, and repouring your concrete slab, depending on the severity of the repairs. Polyurethane foam never loses density and displaces water, so it won't wash away or lose its strength. Not only is it effective, but it is long-lasting and affordable.

Where Can Polyurethane Be Applied?

Polyurethane concrete repair can be used for many applications. It will lift and stabilize concrete at a much more cost-effective and efficient manner than other methods of concrete repair. The applications and benefits of using polyurethane foam are limitless. Using the proper poly equipment, polyurethane foam is used in many applications requiring injection and open cavity filling.

Some of the applications that benefit from high-density polyurethane are:

No matter what your needs are for leveling, stabilization, or void filling, Polyjacking.com has the solution for you. We have a large service area that includes Kansas City and St. Louis. We are a division of Pro Foundation Technology and have been in business since 1978. Our experience in using high-density polyurethane foam in all of these different applications has given us an outstanding reputation and we intend to keep it that way. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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