Pool Decks

Pool decks can become uneven and cracked due to several reasons. When a pool is constructed, the backfill material placed around the pool needs to be properly compacted. If it is not, the backfill soil settles and the pool deck will shift and move, causing it to become unlevel and cracked.

There are several signs that your pool deck may be sinking or settling. Some of these signs are:

  • Excessive slope - If it feels like you are walking downhill when you stop out of your pool, this can be a sign that it has started to settle.
  • Cracks - Cracks start to show up when there is a problem beneath the pool deck.
  • Trip hazard - If you notice that the joints between the slabs are uneven and have created trip hazards, this indicates slab settlement.

Inconsistent weather patterns can also cause your pool deck to become unlevel and cracked. Concrete expands during hot weather conditions and contracts in cold weather. Pool decks can also be affected by the freeze/thaw cycles that occur during the winter and spring in the Kansas City and St. Louis area.

If you notice that your pool deck has become unlevel or cracked, let Polyjacking.com give you a free inspection and offer you the pool deck repair solutions to get your pool deck ready for the fun times this summer.

Pool Deck Leveling Solutions

Pool deck leveling in Kansas City and St. Louis, MOPolyjacking.com has the solution to get your pool deck level with little disturbance. The method of polyjacking to lift and level your pool deck is relatively simple.

  1. A small 5/8" hole is drilled into the affected area of the pool deck.
  2. High-density polyurethane foam is injected into the hole to fill the void. This polyurethane foam expands to over 20 times its liquid volume to entirely fill the void.
  3. After the injection process, the holes are filled.
  4. Polyurethane foam hardens within 15 minutes, allowing the pool deck to be used immediately after the repair is completed.

Polyjacking is much more economical than replacing the pool deck. With the right poly equipment and materials, polyurethane foam is more accurate than other methods like mudjacking and it also is a moisture barrier as it seals concrete cracks and joints to stop water intrusion.

Don't let a sinking, settling, cracked pool deck keep you from enjoying your pool this summer. Let the Polyjacking.com professionals, a division of Pro Foundation Technology, get your pool deck ready for all of the fun this summer. You will be able to enjoy your pool immediately after the repair is done. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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