Push Piers in St. Louis, Kansas City

Earth Contact Products (ECP) offers a variety of push piers. The experts at Polyjacking.com can determine the best one for your commercial and retail foundation repair needs.

Our professional installers hydraulically drive the rods through the compromised soil until a firm base is reached. Once the piers are anchored in the secure stratum, the brackets are attached to your home or business and the weight of the structure is evenly distributed among multiple piers spread around your foundation.

Benefits of Push Piers

steel push piers in St. Louis, Kansas CityPush piers use the weight of the house to help ensure penetration to the depth needed. Push piers are used when the condition of the soil is not readily apparent, as our foundation experts need to ensure that the rods are anchored in a firm and secure base.

Due to the stability and structural integrity that the piers offer, this method is recommended for heavier structures or foundations that have major damage caused by uneven settling or sinking.

Our Polyjacking.com professionals will use their engineering data to determine the recommended number of piers and the proper placement to provide the permanent stability required. Push piers do not need heavy machinery to be installed and when the work is complete, there will be no lasting external signs of their installation. The Earth Control Products (ECP) piers can all be raised simultaneously, lifting your entire structure at one time, avoiding undue stress on your home or business.

Your structure must be strong and stable for the safety of your family or employees, along with the importance of keeping your building intact. The cost of installing the piers is less expensive than people being injured or having to rebuild a damaged structure.

Let the experts at Polyjacking.com show you why Earth Control Products are the leaders in foundation repair products. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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