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If you need concrete repair for your stadium floors, look no further. At, we can repair your damaged concrete stadium floors. Whether you have cracks, structural damage, or need concrete restoration, we can handle all your needs. The condition of your stadium can have a major impact on whether or not businesses use your place to host events. More importantly, attendees should remain safe by avoiding tripping hazards due to cracked or uneven concrete floors.

Like any concrete surface, stadiums need daily maintenance to stay safe and operational. So how do they become damaged? Concrete stadium floors are subject to damage by several factors, such as:

  • stadium floors Kansas CityFreeze/thaw cycle
  • Corrosion of reinforcing steel
  • Drying shrinkage cracks
  • Re-lamination
  • Prematurely finished and sealed concrete surfaces
  • Bubbled concrete surfaces
  • Plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Heavy structural loads

Regardless of what is causing your stadium concrete floors to crack, our concrete leveling experts can restore your concrete to new.

Concrete Repair Options for Stadium Floors Around St. Louis

Using polyurethane trucks, polyurethane foam is injected into a small hole and fills the void under the concrete. After this foam is injected, it cures in approximately fifteen minutes and the concrete is leveled. There is little disruption and the arena is ready to use right away. We use the best poly equipment on the market to repair your stadium floor.

Choosing polyurethane foam injection is the better choice for leveling a concrete arena floor versus replacing the entire floor because polyjacking takes a matter of hours versus the numerous days required to do mudjacking or a floor replacement. Sporting arenas hold thousands upon thousands of people at a time, so making sure the floors are structurally sound is crucial.

Some benefits of using polyurethane for stadium floors include:

  • Increases structural integrity
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Less disruption to the site
  • Fast, economical, and effective concrete leveling solution

Contact our experts today so we can restore your stadium floors to new.

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