Warehouse Floor Repair in Kansas City

Stop wasting valuable time and money on expensive products that claim to protect warehouse floors from discolorations and damage. Warehouse floors encounter damage regularly due to wheeled vehicles, heavy traffic, falling packages, and forklift traffic. Without adequate protection, floors are susceptible to damage and cracking. Finding the best time to make concrete repairs can be difficult. Fortunately, Polyjacking.com offers concrete repair solutions to protect warehouse floors from damage without causing interruptions to your business in the St. Louis and Kansas City, MO area.

We fix the following concrete issues:

Polyjacking Used for Warehouse Floors in St. Louis

If you have uneven or settling floors, we offer high-density polyurethane foam to lift and stabilize the concrete slab back to its original position in warehouses. The installation process is quick and effective if the proper poly equipment and materials are used.

  1. Tiny holes are drilled into the concrete surface.
  2. Polyurethane foam is injected into the holes. As the foam fills in the voids, it lifts and stabilizes the slab back to its original level.
  3. The holes are filled. All the equipment and material are removed from the work area.
  4. The warehouse floors are ready to be used in minutes after curing

Polyurethane is a cost-effective concrete repair method that is the number one choice for warehouse flooring. It offers superior accuracy because it will never shrink and lose its shape. It is highly durable, providing compressive strength and permanent support to any concrete structure and last longer and is more effective than mudjacking.

For commercial concrete repair in Kansas City, contact Polyjacking.com today!

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